Illegal Force Placed Lender Insurance Bank of America

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If you have heard of this complicated sounding term and have found this, you are in the right place. Force Placed Lender insurance is a scam and it is how companies like Bank of America raise profits for a subsidiary it owns by dropping your existing insurance policy and then purchasing an insurance policy through BALBOA. This practice should be made illegal by policy makers everywhere and lawsuits need to be filed, possibly a class action lawsuit to recover the funds stolen from this Bank Run Scam.

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Here you will find information on how to sue Bank of America. You can share your own stories of how Bank of America has mistreated you or in some cases broke the law. Discuss how and learn why BOA is one of the worst banks. No one should ever get a loan or home mortgage through them. The sad truth is Bank of America like many banks, is out to scam and defraud Americans by using sneaky tactics to make more money off of their own customers. Learn the tricks, like who you should call and what to expect.

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